Codename Grillfire

Study Participants

C-Battery 2 / 81st FA, US Army
Idar-Oberstein, W. Germany 1975-76

Col. Robert Morrison, Maj. Joe Dipiero, Lt. Michael Teague, Sgt Maj. McKay, Sgt Middleton, Sgt Arroyo, Sgt Murray, Sgt Edwards, Sgt Broder, Sgt Steadman, Sgt Wolford, Sgt Jackson, Sgt Riggs, Sgt Garza, Sgt Meralas, Sgt Taraza, Sgt Spears, 1st Sgt Ray, Sgt Terry Henderson, Sgt Barber, Cpl Picket, Cpl Wisner, Richard Seanz, Berni Domoski, George Cinch, Harry Waldren, Tom Kimber, Rick Lyons, Michael Hubbert, Dan Henderson, Martian Seals, Jake Asuit, Bruce Levine, Thomas Gumbs, Rick Bruns, Dennis Montoya, Phlash Richardson, Fetch, Bob Bender, Johnson, Drew Cousins, Terry Cook are some other participants.

Civilians I told of this Study in the 1970's, 80's, 90's.

Dana and Karen Thomas, Don and Judy Anderson, Mike and Doug Swanson, Pete Summerness, Jay Johovich, Jeff Eddy, Bert Eddy, Brian Eddy, Gene Humphries, Candy Parker, Jay Hayes, David Haravel, Suzi Ray-McNiven, Charles A. Plunkett, Janice Hatton, Richard Guthrie, Frankie Guthrie, Buddy Clinger, David Hunter, Rick Bear, Dennis Vilhauer, David Parker, are some of the people from the Everett, Wa area.

Carl Colletti, Sandy Colletti, Tommie Colletti, Rick Hanson and Laura Colleti - Hanson, Van Hanson, Bobbi Web, Ray Jarmillo, Toby Jarmillo are from the Albuqurque, NM area.

If you know any of these People or of their whereabouts Please contact them or contact the web sites email. Thank you.