Codename Grillfire

I am Timothy Stuart McNiven; my United States Defense Department codename is "Grillfire": hence, the name of my website; I have 29 plus years in Service to the US Defense Department and am an active operative in accordance with the contract the US Government has with me.

Some of my current work includes working with the Northwest Drug Task Force in 1995-96 on the Rob Sayce, Anika Oyen, Barb Oyen Drug Smuggling, Teenage / Preteen Prostitution, Weapons Trafficking Case.

Providing information about the whereabouts of the Kehoe brothers less than 2 1/2 weeks before their surrender and locating Ira Einhorn in France.

In 1975-76 I was stationed on Strassberg Kaserne In Idar-Oberstein, W. Germany assigned to C-Battery 2/81st Field Artillery, US Army; here I took part in a US Congressional Commissioned Military Study to Improve US Air Travel Security. Why did I say it was Congressional Commissioned (?); I was told that the Military does not do anything on it's own, tht everything is done by the orders of the US Congress as the US Constitution calls for.

Here is a list of names (not all) of other participants from my unit: Col. Robert (Bad bob) Morrison, Maj. Joe Dipiero, Lt. Michael Teague, Sgt. Middleton, Sgt. Arroyo, Sgt. Maj. McKay, Sgt. Wolford, Sgt. Riggs, Sgt. Henderson, Sgt. Garza, Sgt. Broder, Sgt. Meralas, Sgt. Frank Murray, Sgt. Jackson, Sgt. Taraza, Sgt. Buck, Sgt. Brown, Sgt. Steadman, Sgt. Barber, 1st Sgt. Ray, Mr Sam Handy, Cpl. Pickett, Cpl. Wisner, Michael Hubbert, Richard Seanz, Dan Henderson, George Cinch, Berni Domoski, Robert Bruns, Thomas Gumbs, Jake Asuit, Bruce Levine, Martain Seals, Bill Gully, Dennis Montoya, Tom Kimber, Rick Lyons, Bob Bender, Terry Cook, Sam Icono, Taylor (Mr. T), (Phlash) Richardson, Harry Waldren, Olie Fine, the Drew Cousins, Johnson, Fetc, Macfarland.

There were also people from the Defense Department and the CIA (who had an office on Strassberg Kaserne) and others that I was not allowed to see; they were always behind me during the study but occasionally they would make a comment, which is Standard Military Operating Procedure.

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